Thursday 4 August 2011

The Mini Sam Tan Kitchen is Moving to New York!

Dearest foodies,

Just a quick note to share that after 2 great years cooking/baking and sharing recipes from my London flat, The Mini Sam Tan Kitchen will now be moving to NYC as I have been accepted into the Actors Studio Drama School MFA programme!

I am currently doing all I can to raise the fees I need (check out my official fundraising site at, and as a part of these efforts I am holding an online bake sale with several new items not previously available on the Goodies list. Please do check the list out below if cake is your kind of thing :)

In the meantime, if there are any foodies reading this in New York and would like to share their favourite haunts (I have been given a huge list by friends already- honestly worried for my health once I get there haha) please do hit me back, I'd love to hear from fellow lovers of all things delicious!

Happy eating y'all!

Samantha Tan


*To place your order, please email me at or drop me a comment here in case it goes to Spam.

*In general 2 days notice is enough, and you can either come pick them up or pay for my travel/time to deliver to you. All cakes come on a proper silver cake board in a white box, and anything else e.g. candles/ writing in icing etc can also be arranged.

Fresh Fruit Cream Cake- £30 per 8" cake (fruit can be customised)

Nutella Mousse Gateau- £30 per cake (8")

Malteser Gateau- £30 per cake (8")

Moist Carrot Banana Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
£20 per cake (8")

Blueberry Cheesecake- £20 per cake (7")

Ultra Rich Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake-£18 per cake (7")

Chilled Oreo Cheesecake- £18 per cake (7")

Victoria Sponge with Fresh Strawberries- £15 per cake

Baked New York Cheesecake- £15 per cake (7")

Orange Cheesecake with Gingernut Base (also available with
normal digestive base)- £15 per cake (7")

Golden Lemon Cheesecake- £15 per cake (7")

Orange Chiffon Cake- £8.50 per cake (8 1/2")

Pandan Chiffon Cake- £8.50 per cake (8 1/2")

Soft Chocolate Cream Cupcakes- £1.50 each, £15 per batch (12 cupcakes)

Crunchy Crumb Banana Muffins- £1.50 each, £15 per batch (12 muffins)

Savoury Cheddar & Herb Muffins- £1.50 each, £15 per batch (12 muffins)

Chunky Chocolate Brownies- THE single most in-demand item among friends! :)
£1.50 per slice (2" x 3"), £18 per batch (15 slices)

Cheesecake Brownies- £1.50 per slice (2" x 3"), £18 per batch (15 slices)

Handmade Oreo Chunk Cheese Truffles- £9 per box of 36
(Choice of white, milk, dark or mixed selection)

Malteser Cake Bars- £1.50 per square, £18 per batch (15 squares)

Moist Vegan Banana Walnut Brownies (dairy free)- £1.50 per slice (1.5" x 3.5")

Mini Chocolate Meringues- £5 for a box of 20 pieces

Mini Coconut Meringues- £5 for a box of 20 pieces

American Chocolate Chunk Cookies- £1 per cookie, £15 a batch (20 cookies)

Giant Chewy Oat & Currant Cookies- £1 per cookie, £15 a batch (20 cookies)

Spiral Curry Puffs (Epok-Epok/Karipap Pusing)- £1 each, £25 for a batch of 30

Kuih Ketayap/Dadar/Gulung (Malaysian Pandan Crepes with Coconut)- £5 for 6


Kuih Nastar (Rolled Pineapple Jam Tarts)- £15 per box of 30
Homemade jam slow-cooked from fresh whole pineapples and fragrant spices, encased
in a
hand-shaped all butter crumbly pastry

Open-Faced Pineapple Jam Tarts- £15 per box of 32
Made with the same blobs of scrumptious homemade jam as the Kuih Nastar,
only sunny side up with a
patterned pastry base

Bakkwa/Rougan (Chinese Dried Pork Jerky)-
£15 per box of 250g
Free of the colouring and preservatives usually present in mass-produced versions,
this delicious
favourite of Malaysians (a
lso known in Cantonese as "yoke gon" or
"long yoke")
is home-marinated and charcoal-smoked until the perfect
flavour and texture is achieved. A Chinese New Year staple!

Fah Sang Peng (Peanut Cookies)-
£12 per box of 30 or
£20 per large box of 60
Extremely addictive, be warned! Fragrant, crumbly and deliciously nutty, made the
proper way
with ground whole peanuts (none of this peanut butter business)

Kuih Bangkit (Tapioca Coconut Cookies)- £15 per box of 50
Handmade traditionally shaped little cookies with a crisp bite and powdery melt-in-the-mouth texture.
Aromatic and tasty with the definitive flavours of tapioca, pandan and coconut.

Almond London - £12 per box of 24 or £20 for 2 boxes
One for the chocoholics- a whole roasted almond encased in biscuit, topped
with melted dark chocolate and chopped nuts

Crispy Beehive Cookies (Kuih Ros/ Kuih Loyang)- £9 per box of 15, £15 for 2 boxes
Large and pretty honeycomb/rosette shaped crunchies, deep-fried until satisfyingly crisp
from a batter of
aromatic coconut milk and rice flour.

Buttery Coconut Cornflake Crunchies- £8 per box of 24
A version of the family favourite Mum taught me growing up! :) A crunchy and
fragrant blend of dessicated coconut and crushed cornflakes
with the added bite of sweet raisins

Mini Honey Cornflake Cups- £6 per box of 30, or £10 for 2 boxes
Delectable little bitesize bundles of cornflakes coated in a buttery honey caramel, then baked
until crunchy. Exceedingly moreish- expect to eat a whole box in one sitting.


  1. sam! these are really great!

  2. Samantha or Sam, which one do you prefer? Welcome to the fold and I shall be following you from now on ;)
    I need to get some help first (distribution wise) if I'm to order a cake from you although the cookies sound perfect for solo bingeing!

  3. thanks Jun!:)

    Hehe Sam, Sammie, Samantha, Sam Tan... anything's fine. Cakes are easily sliced you know, just as good for solo bingeing (everyday for about a week)! :)

  4. OMG tan yuh huey, unbelievable! why am i not living in London. will you deliver to Beijing? please?

    you are my inspiration to keep improving my cooking skills with limited tools and ingredients (esp for "western food")

  5. haha thanks Gaikkie! As I said I'd happily deliver if travel costs are covered, that includes Beijing too of course! :)

  6. omg!!
    i want i want i want!!!
    can royal mail it to edinburgh?

  7. i dont think u fly them to malaysia rite?

  8. well as I told Gaik Ping I deliver around the world provided you pay for travel:) Don't think the cakes will handle being chucked in the post Rach, but the brownies/cookies might! :)

  9. * drools * they all look so yummay!

  10. came cross your blog through eliza's. everything you have here look soooo yummy :))

  11. Sam, you are making me drooling...can you be kind enough and share the recipe for the Silky chocolate mousse cake and Ultra rich chocolate chunk cheesecake, they look devine. My sons who loves chocolate will definitely love this.

    Thanks so much for sharing the recipes.

  12. Hi Dee,

    Thank you, at the moment there is a backlog of recipes I need to put up first but yes, will definitely be sharing those at some point.

    Watch this space!:)


  13. Thank you so much, you are so sweet to share your recipes. I really enjoy trying them out. I tried few of your recipes and they are very good. I also enjoy cooking and baking a lot especially trying out new recipes..maybe we can do catering in asian food together..hehehe


  14. Hi Samantha,

    I'm producing a student film and would love to talk to you about catering for it! I've sent you an email (title is 'Catering for Uni Westminster film' just in case it's in your spam folder). Anyway, it would be great to talk to you about it - your pictures look amazing!!! Hope to speak to you,


  15. Hey Suzy,

    Just replied your email, let me know if you got it :) Speak soon!


  16. Hi Samantha,

    I've just sent an email about catering an event on October 14th.
    Give me a call if it interests you.


  17. hi, would you be selling chinese new year goodies this year? :)

  18. Hi Charis,

    Yes I have just updated the list above and am starting to accept orders now :) Drop me a line at if anything interests you!


  19. Hi, Love the photos of the baked cheesecakes. I've tried some of your recipes & they produced the desired results :) I check your website every now and then for updates, though your posts are few, but the recipes have been reliably good. If I live in London, I'd definitely order some of your cakes for myself, they look so deliciously homemade! Keep up the posts.

  20. Thanks for your kind words Anonymous! Yes I'm afraid I'm not posting as often as I should, been really busy of late but am definitely going to try harder to keep 'em coming!

    Happy cooking! x

  21. it´s so hard to choose. which one should i try first? nice blog. greetings from austria/Europe

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  23. Hi Samantha. Just saw your blog. Welcome to the great city of New York. Would love to order some cakes from you when you are not too busy with school. I work not too far from Pace University. Give me a shout if you need any help, there aren't too many of us DJians around here. Is Arivind in town as well?