Wednesday 28 April 2010

Ben & Jerry's Annual Free Cone Day

Once every year, Ben & Jerry's outlets all around the globe do THIS:

That's right, free handouts of their delicious ice-cream to one and all just as a show of thanks to all their fans, no strings attached other than a time limit (usually 1pm-5pm) and a couple of charity collection boxes you can pop some change into if you want.

Once every year, the cheapskate foodie in me squeals in delight and joins the other hardcore I Screamers who queue up, get a free scoop, eat it, queue up, get a different flavour, eat it, queue up etc again and again until we can bear the luscious creamy goodness no more. This year our scoop shop of choice was Greenwich, where the crowd was so small (compared to my previous experiences of Leicester Square) that Arivind and I managed to polish off 4 scoops each in quick succession before people even started gathering, with barely time in between to decide on what flavour we wanted next before it was our turn again.

If you've never been to/weren't aware of Free Cone Day (or Free (Fair) Cone Day as it was this year with their commitment to going 100% Fairtrade), it's been happening since 1978 and will continue to happen every April for the foreseeable future so mark your diaries now :)

Thank you Mr Ben, thank you Mr Jerry, your annual show of generosity makes this food blogger one happy bunny.

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