Monday, 6 February 2012

TO ORDER: Valentine's Day

You don't have to buy into the sappy commercial overkill of Valentine's Day to treat yourself/someone you care about to some baked goodness this February 14th- I am a firm believer that all you need is a sweet tooth and the philosophy that any excuse to stuff your face is a good one :)

Below is a list of treats, both obviously romantic and otherwise, that I am now taking orders for. Please email me at all items below except the Rose Bouquet Cake can be boxed and shipped outside New York. If hearts and the stereotypically cheesy don't do it for you, please don't hesitate to click on any of the other TO ORDER tabs on the right hand side- everything on all those lists are available all year round, regardless of the season.

As always with Valentine's Day chocolate is the dominant theme, but I have included several equally delicious choc-free options below for the minority who don't like it. As I have often done in the past, I try to accommodate requests for items I haven't listed as much as possible, so feel free to shoot me an email if you desperately want that special something!

Wishing you love in some shape or form wherever you happen to be!


Rose Bouquet Cake- $45 per cake (8")
Fully customisable- choose your own combination of cake and frosting from the list below :)
Sponge options: Dark Chocolate, Red Velvet, Lemon or All Butter
Frosting options: Buttercream, Cream Cheese, or Chocolate Ganache

Buttery Valentine's Shortbread- $20 per box (15 large pcs)
Available in plain, lemon or chocolate chip flavours

Almond London - $20 per box of 25pcs
No clue why the name is what it is, but this is always a hit with chocoholics! A whole roasted almond encased in an all-butter cookie, topped
with melted dark chocolate and chopped nuts

Handmade Oreo Chunk Cheese Truffles- $20 per box of 36
(Choice of white, milk, dark or mixed selection)
Little balls of Oreo goodness studded with cookie chunks, coated in chocolate

Chunky Chocolate Brownies- THE single most in-demand item among friends! :)
Small box: $20 (25 bitesize pieces)
Large box: $35 (50 bitesize pieces)

Cheesecake Brownies- as above, but with cheesecake swirled in
Small box: $20 (25 bitesize pieces)
Large box: $35 (50 bitesize pieces)

Choc Chunk Peanut Butter Cookies- $20 per box (25 medium cookies)
So chocolatey a friend has described it as "juicy", loaded to the core with chunky bits

Mini Honey Cornflake Cups- $12 per box of 30 pcs
Delectable little bitesize bundles of cornflakes coated in a buttery honey caramel, then baked
until crunchy. Exceedingly moreish- expect to eat a whole box in one sitting.

Buttery Coconut Cornflake Crunchies- $12 per box 25 pcs
A version of the family favourite Mum taught me growing up! :) A crunchy and
fragrant blend of dessicated coconut and crushed cornflakes
with the added bite of sweet raisins

Mini Chocolate Meringues- $10 per box of 20 pieces
Crisp on the outside, pillowy within

Mini Coconut Meringues- $10 per box of 20 pieces
Same as above but with the added fragrance of dessicated coconut