Monday, 22 August 2016

Sam Tan's Kitchen New Website/Online Store!

SAM TAN'S KITCHEN HAS MOVED! Please visit the new website/online store at You can also follow Sam on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. Thank you!

Hello foodies!
The time has come: after 7 years cooking/baking/eating/sharing my gourmet passions with you through this blog, I am super excited to tell you that Sam Tan's Kitchen now has a brand new website and online store
From now on, that will be my official site where you can order a select number of my homemade Malaysian treats and baked goods at the click of a button, get in touch easily with event catering requests and keep up to date with my latest recipes and news. You even have the ability to create an account, so getting my food is easier than ever!
Sadly, this means that this will be my last post on Blogger. But don't worry, this site will remain active so you can continue to access all my previous posts.
Thank you to everyone who has visited this blog these past 7 years, as I moved and cooked from London to New York to LA. I hope you will join me at my new site, where we can continue our culinary journey together!
As always, happy eating folks!
Lots of love,
Samantha Tan


  1. Hi Samantha! After all these years, I stil come back to your blog for your awesome recipes, especially the brownies and wat tan hor. It is def the best fudgy brownies recipe I have made until today. I'd would love to order your pineapple tarts when you are back and baking in Malaysia someday.My best wishes to you in all your endeavours in LA!

  2. Thank you so much, I'm glad to hear it! More recipes will be posted on my new site going forward:) Happy cooking!