Sunday 5 June 2016

Film Set Catering: Save Yourself, Reluctant Living and The Girl Scout

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Film Set Catering: Save Yourself, Reluctant Living and The Girl Scout

Earlier in May, I was happy to provide film set catering for three different independent projects over the span of a couple weeks: two days each on Ri Versteegh's "Reluctant Living" and Tien Brunelle's "The Girl Scout", and my first foray into odd-hour-middle-of-the-night catering with a week on Gabe Arredondo's night shoot of "Save Yourself". Thank you guys for hiring me! 

Every menu is custom according to crew preferences. Here's some of what was served :)

Vegetable spring rolls with plum sauce dip
Chicken fried rice with shredded egg and green onions (V: vege fried rice)
Moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache 

 Red lentil and tomato salad
Roast chicken legs with lemon and honey
Tricolor roasted vegetables
Roasted roots: yams and beets

Tomato and cucumber with olive oil dressing)
Beef ragu lasagne (V: veg ragu)
Carrot banana cake 

 Garlic bread
Spicy penne arrabiata with bacon and peppers (V: peppers)
Chocolate chip cookies

Spicy roasted breakfast potatoes
Breakfast burritos
Seeded apple muffins 

Asian green bean and cabbage salad with sesame dressing
Malaysian stir­-fried vermicelli noodles with chicken and vegetables (V: no chicken)
Crunchy top lemon cake

Creamy homemade coleslaw
Roast chicken legs with lemon and honey (V: roast root vegetables)
Bread and butter pudding 

Roasted peppers and zucchini
Cheesy ziti bake with chicken and mushroom (V: no chicken)
Belgian chocolate cheesecake brownies

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