Wednesday 29 October 2014

Presenting: Me, Plus Food :) Sam Tan's Kitchen finally has a logo!

Hello foodie friends!

So, you may have noticed that the culinary shenanigans on my blog have come to a sudden halt these past few months.

After the big conclusion of my Actors Studio Drama School adventure in New York, my fiance Ari and I jumped ship and swapped coasts to Los Angeles in July. I haven't been cooking because we haven't had our own kitchen (we've been crashing on our lovely friends Sue and Sean's couch since arrival), but FINALLY this weekend we will move into our own apartment and hopefully, resume foodie activities!

Not one to like wasting a moment, I have in the meantime taken the opportunity to develop something I've wanted for Sam Tan's Kitchen for a long while: a logo. Something simple and personal to capture the essence of me, something fun and unpretentious to celebrate the joyous nature of food and the sheer happiness a hearty meal can bring.

So here: after many hours of doodling and figuring out Adobe Illustrator, I am proud to present Digital Mini Me, brandishing - yes, what else but a plate piled with food :)

Quite unintentionally (though perhaps subconsciously- I did draw it after all), the plate has been interpreted by most people to either be Hainanese Chicken Rice (my death row meal) or Malaysia's national dish Nasi Lemak. What does it look like to you? :)

I am also steadily working on revamping this site- watch this space for when the new will go live :) 

Thank you all for your continued support. Until next time, happy eating!