Sunday 24 May 2009

American Chocolate Chunk Cookies

*IMPORTANT AMENDMENT 24 MAY 2009- left out the sugar in the original post, SORRY! Thank you Michelle for bringing it to my attention :)

THE single best chocolate chip cookie recipe I have ever come across, so perfectly gooey and chewy and buttery that my friend thought "juicy" was the most appropriate word. Can't remember now which book or magazine it's originally from, but thank you so much to whoever came up with this decadent combination!

Melt together* and let cool:
100g dark chocolate
85g butter

*You can use a traditional bain marie method, but I find it saves time and produces the exact same result to microwave at full power, stopping every 20-30 seconds to stir until melted and glossy.

Beat in with a spoon until well mixed:
100g brown sugar
100g crunchy peanut butter
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla

Stir in:
100g self-raising flour
100g milk chocolate chunks
200g dark chocolate chunks
100g salted roasted peanuts

Drop tablespoonfuls (or roll into a medium ball in your hand and press) onto a baking sheet, leaving enough room for each cookie to spread. Bake 12 mins at 180 C (160C fan-assisted), or longer if you want crisper cookies. Flavour improves when stored overnight.


  1. They look gorgeous!! I'm bookmarking this!

  2. thank you, it is super easy to make and deliciously decadent so I highly recommend it!:)

  3. I just found your blog! I'm a ballet dancer in training, but I LOVE baking. People are always surprised! It's nice to know that there are other people like me out there.=p

  4. thanks Connie, yes dancing is not all about carrot sticks and salad :)

    By the way @pigspigscorner- the original recipe was missing the sugar, it has now been amended so hope you haven't tried making it yet!

  5. Mm... I was thinking I had finally finalized my list of go-to cookie recipes, but I might need to try these! We also like to call cookies "juicy" :)I know exactly what you're talking about!

  6. These cookies look fabulous! Bet that combination of flavors is so good. Scrumptious photography--great blog!

  7. Thanks guys! They are my partner's ultimate favourite so hope they turn out for you- I'd recommend keeping them in a container overnight before eating, the taste really intensifies that way! :)

  8. Those look amazing. I think it's time for me to bake some cookies!

  9. Hi Samantha! Just discovered your blog, and been baking for Deepavali here! =D been good so far, this recipe looks really awesome! so i'm in the midst of doing it!