Monday 7 March 2011

Kuih Ketayap/Dadar/Gulung (Malaysian Pandan Crepes with Sweet Coconut Filling)

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Just in case you fancy something a little different for Pancake Day tomorrow, I thought today would be the perfect time to share with you try this traditional recipe for Malaysian filled crepes.

Flavoured with fragrant pandan and stuffed with sticky sweet coconut, this ubiquitous kuih (a generic term encompassing many sweet and savoury bitesize cakes, cookies and snacks) is known back home by a range of names- kuih dadar (I assume referring to how the omelette-like crepe is fried), kuih ketayap as the batter surface takes on patterns similar to the Malay skullcap when cooking or the simpler kuih gulung due to how it is rolled. Whatever you choose to call it, it's a tasty little bundle for those who want a pancake with a difference.

Kuih Ketayap/Dadar/Gulung (Malaysian Pandan Crepes with Sweet Coconut Filling)
Makes 8-10 rolls

  • Crepe batter
Whisk together until lump free:
100g plain flour
Pinch of salt and sugar
½ cup thin
coconut milk (or some people like using regular fresh milk)
½ cup water
A few drops pandan paste (if you prefer to extract fresh pandan juice, blend 6 large pandan leaves with the 1/2 cup of water then strain through a cheesecloth or sieve)
1 egg
1 tbsp oil

Allow the batter to sit for 30 mins (it will take on a thicker consistency).

  • Coconut Filling

Combine in a small pot and dissolve over the stove:
½ cup water
100g gula melaka (coconut palm sugar)
1 pandan leaf, torn into strips (or knot it if you prefer- I think tearing it gives more flavour)

Stir in:
1 cup dessicated coconut
2 tbsp coconut cream (if you are lucky enough to have access to freshly grated coconut you won't need to add this. I just add it to the dried dessicated stuff so the filling doesn't end up too dry)
1 tsp cornstarch diluted in a bit of water

Add more water if necessary. Simmer over low heat until sticky then leave to cool.

To cook, heat a tiny bit of oil in a non-stick shallow frying pan over medium heat. Using a small ladle or 1/4 cup, scoop and pour the batter into the centre of the pan (the batter should sizzle upon contact) and swirl the pan quickly to make a large round thin layer. The crepe will set quickly- once the edges curl up, flip it over and let fry briefly on the other side.

Slide it off onto a plate once cooked, add a bit more oil to the pan and repeat until the rest of the batter is used up.

To assemble, place 2 tbsp of filling onto one edge of the crepe.

Roll it up snugly, folding in the sides at the midway point.

Repeat with the rest of the filling and crepes, then eat.



  1. I love how Malaysian Flavours slightly resembles the desserts of the Philippines!

    This looks great :) I love the essence of pandan in desserts.

    P.S I linked your American Chocolate Chunk Cookies on my blog if that's okay!

  2. very nice. Beautiful photography and amazing food

  3. Thanks guys! Of course, link away :)