Saturday 23 April 2011

Hot Pork-Roast-In-A-Roll for £3! :)

Hello foodies! A short quick note this sweltering sunny afternoon- am spending 4 days in Bristol this weekend, and thought I'd share with you the delicious discovery we made outside the mammoth Costco in Avonmouth when shopping for BBQ ingredients:

A stall by The Hot Hog Company, a Weston Super Mare-based traditional slow-spit hog roast catering group!

£3 gets you a hot shredded roast pork roll, which come with gravy and a table on the side where you can help yourself to as much delicious stuffing, chunky applesauce, mustard, relish or BBQ sauce as you wish :)

Practically an entire roast dinner in a soft white bap, YUM :)

That is all, just thought I'd share this for those in the area. Happy Easter everyone!:)

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  1. i live in Bristol!! Hope you enjoyed your stay.. :)